JACOS is a leading in-situ oil sands producer and currently operates the 10,000 barrels per day Hangingstone project, 50km south of Fort McMurray. JACOS was created in 1978 by the majority owner, JAPEX (Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. with an 86% share). In addition to current operations, JACOS holds the rights to leases covering approximately 46,000 HA in the Athabasca region for future development, expected to contain approximately 2 billion barrels of recoverable bitumen resource.

As JACOS is undergoing significant expansion to capitalize on their extensive holdings, they wanted to establish their first company intranet to solidify their corporate identity, connect employees across new locations, streamline HR processes and quickly get information to all employees.


nonlinear was able to meet a very aggressive timeline for introducing the JACOS intranet on SharePoint 2010. Using Nonlinear's iterative and client-inclusive delivery model, new features of the intranet were introduced into production immediately after each development sprint cycle was concluded, allowing all of JACOS to see the intranet being rolled out and developed in near real-time. This allowed a great deal of interactive feedback and resulted in a high level of engagement and satisfaction with the end product. JACOS opted for a very streamlined and clean branding experience and interface, which allows them flexibility in adapting their new intranet to future needs. nonlinear also conducted several training sessions to ensure internal staff could maintain the site themselves as well as conduct end-user guidance sessions independently.


JACOS is extremely pleased with their new intranet – and is considering ways in which to expand usage to other departments and functional areas. Employees are enjoying the focus on their needs and requirements to stay connected to what’s happening in head office as well as field locations. 

Finally, the JACOS executive teams are pleased that they have a new vehicle over which to broadcast company messages that are crucial as the company expands to meet its growth mandate, and are looking at additional intranet features to foster collaboration and engagement at all levels of the company.