Wynn - responsive design


Wynn is the parent company of both Wynn Las Vegas and Encore – home to two luxury hotel towers featuring 4784 hotel rooms, suites and villas and boasting more than 186,000 square feet of casino space in Las Vegas. Wynn Las Vegas is an award-winning publicly traded company on both the NASDAQ and the S&P 500.

Prior to engaging Nonlinear Digital, Wynn Las Vegas faced two main challenges for the successful launch of their new responsive website: a tight timeline, with serious consequences to the bottom line upon a failure to meet the deadline and a team lacking the front-end development skills and UX experience for developing the site’s responsive user experience.


From the onset of the project, Wynn Las Vegas made it clear that their Sitecore solution needed to be delivered on an accelerated timeline to accommodate a set launch date marking the beginning of the hotel’s peak season. In order to get the site up and running on Sitecore, Nonlinear relied on a popular Sitecore accelerator and UI framework product, Keystone, to jump start the site. This foundation resulted in a completely finished website in 4 weeks. The timing on this project was crucial, as failure to go live by the given deadline would result in lost revenue for the organization. 

Upon receiving the Wynn-approved third party design and UX, the Nonlinear team went to work on moving the Wynn Las Vegas site to Sitecore 7.2. While the Keystone accelerator and framework made the move to Sitecore quick and easy, the front-end code provided by the third party design agency was incompatible with the project requirements. This resulted in an unresponsive website and would have doubled the implementation effort, maintenance costs, and killed the timeline. 

Though outside of the original scope of the Nonlinear project, the potentially debilitating issue with the site’s responsive design, driven by  new CSS and HTML, was swiftly resolved by Nonlinear’s front-end development team. Combining technical acumen and extensive experience in creating effective responsive experiences, Nonlinear rearchitected the site’s information architecture to give mobile users a comprehensive user experience that exceeded all requirements and expectations.

While this could have proved a serious obstacle for meeting the very specific go-live date for this project, the team was able to address the problem and continue on to development. Without Nonlinear stepping in to take on the front-end development, Wynn Las Vegas would have been left with a non-responsive site that was both over budget and required extensive site maintenance. Instead, the end result provides a significantly improved mobile experience and was completed under budget and with time to spare.

As with any website in the hospitality industry, the Wynn Las Vegas site required a number of customized forms, which were originally slated for front-end development by an in-house team. Proceeding the development of the forms, the in-house team discovered that they would be unable to complete the front-end aspect of the task and Nonlinear stepped in to fill the gap. The resulting six forms were fully responsive, an important requirement given the likelihood that they would be accessed via mobile, styled following the Wynn Las Vegas brand and ready at launch time.


The Nonlinear team, powered by the Keystone accelerator, enabled Wynn Las Vegas to launch a completely overhauled website with only 4 weeks of development. The site is 100% responsive across all devices despite the roadblocks faced during the project. Following website relaunch analytics best practices, baseline metrics were collected at the onset of the project, but comparisons to the new website will wait until the site has been live for a full four months.