Educating students since 1965, Medicine Hat College is a comprehensive community college located in southern Alberta. Providing a wide variety of diploma programs, MHC is a proud partner with the University of Calgary enabling degree completion in several disciplines.

Attracting, enrolling and retaining the right student population is critical to both student and MHC success. In addition, providing information and self service capabilities to a variety of stakeholders such as students, prospective students, parents, professors, and alumni is also key to ensuring that MHC continues to drive a culture of excellence across the population it services.

MHC was operating its online presence on an old, fragmented architecture that was difficult to maintain and did not support many of the self service capabilities that MHC stakeholders expected. With inconsistency in its design, it was difficult to navigate and the look and feel did not reflect the quality of education that MHC provides.


MHC partnered with nonlinear on a project that began with a Performance Framework and moved through to a final deliverable of the full site build. This meant mapping the goals of the website to the business goals of the organization, creating an architecture that could grow with the vision of MHC, and tying it together in a professional and visually appealing design that capitalized on their branding reflecting accurate and meaningful content.

nonlinear was able to map out a plan that included short, medium and long term goals. This was critical as MHC was working within strict budget constraints and needed to prioritize the elements of phase 1 ensuring the right business goals were met immediately, while understanding the scope of a three year roadmap.

The project included the Performance Framework strategic services, wireframing of the site, usability testing across a sample group of professors, parents and students, selection and implementation of a a new content management system plus the full site build. In addition, the project team was able to re-skin the MHC Alunmi Facebook Page to reinforce their branding and to leverage social media to drive traffic to their site in a seamless and cohesive manner.

The end result is stunning in its look and feel and fully manageable by MHC.

The Outcome

MHC is now operating a professional looking web presence that is reflective of the quality of education it delivers to students. The energy of the campus is immediately evident to site visitors. Visually appealing, MHC elected to use real student images (rather than stock photography), capturing the enthusiasm of its constituents for visitors to experience.

MHC is now able to:
  • provide meaningful information and self service functions to its current students, keeping them engaged and satisfied;
  • increase revenues by ensuring proper measures are in place for effective recruitment of students across all sectors of the college and various modes of study (full-time studies, part-time studies, Continuing Studies, etc.)
  • continue to build a strong brand, establishing MHC as a preferred choice amongst prosective students on the local, national and international level