The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is a crown corporation of the Government of Canada that aids Canadian companies contracting with other governments 

The CCC is actively seeking deeper engagement with both Canadian business that target foreign governments and potential purchasers within the governments of other countries.

Their Sitecore-powered website is the critical conduit for reaching both of these target audiences. CCC approached nonlinear to help them use the Sitecore Digital Marketing System to more effectively engage their target audiences.  


nonlinear helped CCC achieve their goals by removing technical barriers to success and then helping them create a 12-month roadmap for implementing Sitecore DMS-powered campaigns 

Overcoming technical barriers

The nonlinear team upgraded the CCC Sitecore instance from 6.5 to Sitecore 7.1. At the same time, the team addressed short-comings in the existing implementation, retrofitting the site so that it could take advantage of the power of the DMS. Finally the team enabled a deeper integration of the site with the CCC’s CRM system. 

Building a plan

A nonlinear strategic marketing consultant employed nonlinear’s DMS acceleration methodology to provide CCC with a road-map for the use of the DMS. Through this process, nonlinear:

  • Segmented visitors to the CCC website by their motivation and CCC’s desired outcome
  • Identified tactics that promised to improve business results achieved from each of the targeted audiences

Key tactics planned include a thoughtful A/B testing protocol, personalization of content by visit number and geographic origin and an 18 month engagement plan targeting existing partners. 


The CCC is implementing the campaigns outlined in the road map and the effect on key audiences is being evaluated. Early results are positive – at a high level, the bounce rate for all visitors decreased by 22% following nonlinear engagement; similarly, pages per visit increased 12%.  

nonlinear digital | CCC case study

Taken together, these metrics suggest that the site has become more effective in engaging visitors – the first step in CCC’s longer term strategy.