Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is a not-for-profit health insurance provider in Arizona state. They have been providing health insurance to Arizonians as early as 1939.  

Their mission is to "provide the best value in health insurance and improve the quality of life for Arizonans." 


Initially, Nonlinear executed an audit of the existing application in preparation for a Sitecore upgrade. Once the audit had been successfully completed, Nonlinear performed an upgrade of the existing Sitecore solution, bringing the site to version 8.0.

Then, three key projects took place: 

1. Find a Doctor

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona requested help with launching responsive, redesigned "Find a Doctor" pages for their existing websites in order to respond to the needs of mobile users.  

2. Window Shopping / Compare Plans

Nonlinear was tasked with providing a new, live "Window Shopping" experience to prospective customers. During a specific time-frame, this new functionality would allow prospective customers to conveniently find and compare insurance plans that meet their needs in a more user-friendly way.

3. The Learning Center

The third challenge was to provide the client with a completely new, responsively designed learning center with mostly all new content. The purpose of this center would continue to be educating visitors about health insurance and health insurance networks.  


1. Find a Doctor 

This new, redesigned and responsive "Find a Doctor" functionality serves both existing and prospective health plan purchasers at home and on-the-go.  

  • Prospective, mobile health plans buyers are able to find out which network their doctor serves before they purchase the plan. 
  • Current, mobile members are able to log in and find a doctor or other healthcare provider in their plan's network.  
  • Mobile users who want the ability to find a health care provider in their specific network are able to do so. 

From a technical perspective, the "Find a Doctor" solution required an integration into a new back-end system.  

2. Window Shopping / Compare Plans  

Nonlinear's solution provided prospective customers with the convenience to easily compare various plans, greatly improving their user experience. This functionality is made available to users once a year for a brief period. 

The previous Compare Plans functionality only included links to the plans and the prospective customer was required to compare plans by reading different documents. In addition, the old functionality used manually curated lists, which required more time to use. In contrast, the new functionality automatically pulls information from the newly integrated back-end system of insurance offerings, saving users valuable time and boosting the user experience. The new functionality also included an intelligent and helpful "Get a Quote" feature. Based on a list of questions answered by the user, the "Get a Quote" feature would send them an automatically curated list of available plans and pricing, specific to the user. This feature was invaluable as it helped the user rapidly remove any confusion about what plans were available to them and understand how much it would cost.

This project also required responsive implementation of Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield's existing sites.

3. The Learning Center 

The old Learning Center was completely removed and the new area was built using responsive components and templates, so mobile users could educate themselves on-the-go.  The new Learning Center includes a number of educational videos, frequently asked questions, definitions of complex insurance terms, help picking a plan, and more. A combination of new and existing content was used, which came together to result in a helpful and engaging execution.  


Nonlinear completed the above improvements by October 2015. Since October 2015 (October 2015 to Feb 2016), Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield's organic traffic began to exceed that of the same period from the year before (October 2014-February 2015) in significant ways: 

  • Organic Sessions increased by 17.26% 
  • Bounce Rate decreased by 42.67% 
  • Session Duration improved by 16.01%