Understanding your audience is a critical first step for any digital initiative; understanding them in the unique context of how they’re engaging with your messaging in a digital realm is even more important.

More than simply developing personas, our research-based approach to user experience places those personas in the context of their overall lifecycle as your customer, member or client. We look at their needs from you at various stages of their relationship, as well as your needs for them, and create a working model of that relationship that ensures everyone gets what they need.

Know your visitor... because knowing is half the battle

Among the steps we take, we:

  • Develop personas with a particular focus on your audiences’ digital habits
  • Map the entire lifecycle of primary personas, paying particular attention to digital touch points
  • Identify the key content that will engage to an appropriate degree given their stage in the lifecycle with an eye towards moving them along the value chain

Who are you talking to?

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Not every audience is created equal. We'll help you figure out who you're trying to reach

integrated team. outstanding results

One of the best things about this project was how well the Nonlinear and IIC development teams worked as one unit. This really was a team effort. In the end, when there were challenges elsewhere, the development group held it together and saved the project. That was truly fantastic.

Anthony Vanniasinkam, Director, Information Technology