Your web design. Brilliant to look at, it reflects your organization’s brand and message, sports dynamic copy that invites users to want more and shouts out a call to action on every page. The art of web design and development, though, is based on assumptions – assumptions that are based on experience and best practice, of course, but assumptions nonetheless.

Usability testing is a critical step in challenging those assumptions. The goal is to discover unexpected errors and identify areas that could be improved.

It has to do more than look good,
it has to work

Our usability specialists can test:

  • Performance: How much time, and how many steps, are required for people to complete basic tasks?
  • Accuracy: How many mistakes did people make? Was it easy for them to navigate and complete the call to action?
  • Recall: How much does the person remember afterwards or after periods of non-use?
  • Emotional response: How does the person feel about the experience? Is the person confident, stressed? Would the user recommend this system to a friend?

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