Eager to start using the advanced capabilities with the Sitecore Digital Marketing System, the newly included Federated Experience Manager and the xDB? It's time to upgrade. Nonlinear Digital offers a unique upgrade package that includes:

Upgrade Analysis

The first step in your upgrade path is to determine your starting point. Our team will perform a “dress rehearsal” upgrade on a local copy of your build, troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and give you the next steps for going forward. Our upgrade analysis also includes upgrades for two of your Sitecore modules (ex: Web Forms for Marketers and Active Directory). We’ll also evaluate whether you’ll have any obstacles to using the latest Sitecore Experience Platform marketing features. 

A guide to upgrade- personalized run book

As an output of the analysis, we’ll provide you with an Upgrade Book with specific, step-by-step upgrade instructions for upgrading your unique implementation, so the process can be replicated successfully in all your Sitecore instances.  

Multi-environment step up

As part of our upgrade package we’ll apply the upgrade process to a maximum of two UAT environments (one for content delivery and one for content authoring) and a maximum of three production server environments (two for content delivery and one for content authoring). We’ll also support you in setting up your xDB, whether on-premise or using Sitecore’s xDB Cloud Hosting. 

Support along the way

Our job isn’t done once your environments are upgraded. To ensure that your implementation is running smoothly we offer post upgrade revisions and fixes (with an hourly cap) and upgrade customer support to ensure that you are 100% happy with the finished product. 

The extras 

At this point, you may be asking yourself “what doesn’t Nonlinear’s upgrade support offering provide?” Well, there are a few things that will require some extra budget, but we’ll be happy to discuss how each of these could improve your current Sitecore implementation. Extras include porting existing Sitecore analytics data, additional modules being updated, any third-party integrations or complex customizations or a or configuration of marketing features such as personalization and testing.


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