The digital landscape is ever changing. Building a world class Sitecore solution means desiging a content authoring experience that is as easy and flexible as possible. We let you keep pace with the digital world

Sitecore planning and implementation

Whether working with nonlinear's UX team or your existing brand agency, nonlinear's implementation team will ensure your Sitecore implementation follows best practices and is ready for use with the Sitecore Digital Marketing System. Customers who choose to engage our full implementation team gain access to our Sitecore Accelerator at no charge. If you want to tackle the implementation in-house the Sitecore Accelerator can be purchased.

System integration

Your Sitecore solution will almost inevitably need to integrate with another system. From simple web service integration to fully formed SOA architectures, nonlinear has helped our customers integrate Sitecore with Salesforce, Siebel, Oracle, Dynamics, Ooyala, SharePoint, Google Search Appliance, Aptify, Personify and many more.

Mobile experiences

All of our implementations take a content-first strategy to mobile design. Leveraging the latest techniques in HTML5, responsive design and adaptive design, your Sitecore solution will be ready for the mobile world.


Not sure what search option is right for you? We can help you select from all the major players, including Google, Microsoft, Coveo, Solr and Lucene and make the right choice for your site. We can also provide ongoing support to tune the search results.


Starting with an assessment our Sitecore architects can help you plan and execute an upgrade to the latest version of Sitecore. This ensures your investment is protected and you can leverage the latest and greatest features of the Digital Marketing System.

Sitecore health check

It has been six months since you launched your site on Sitecore. Are your internal stakeholders satisfied? Are your content authors empowered? Are you development teams now Sitecore ninjas? All too often organizations find themselves with a new site that does the job but the original vision of a well gelled internal team and a rocking web site is just not quite there. You’re almost there but not quite. Our team of multi-disciplinary experts can help you assess the status quo and craft recommendation to get your project heading back towards the vision.

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