Effective search is a critical part of online experience. Uniting your users with what they seek can yield higher conversions and deeper customer loyalty and satisfaction. Your website needs to offer an intuitive, highly relevant search experience.

We understand the importance of findability - we’ve been building effective embedded search experiences for as long as we’ve been building online solutions. Our approach places a strong emphasis on search analytics to both understand search behaviour and drive indexing, tuning and faceting/filtering design; and to drive a continual search optimization program post-launch.

Selecting search technology

We work with multiple search technologies and vendors including Lucene, Solr, Coveo, Microsoft and Google Search Appliance. We work with you to map the expected user experience to a short list of possible vendors. Selecting a front runner (or two), we can also help you execute on a proof of concept to validate the technology choice.

Search implementation

Search implementations can range from simple integrations of Google Site Search to full scale faceted navigation and product catalogue integration. Search implementations include:

  • Development of desktop and mobile search experience
  • Definition of content taxonomies and facets
  • Integration of the selected search platform with your CMS

Effective search requires ongoing tuning

Users have a talent for finding phrases and terms that you would not have thought of in your wildest dreams. With an ongoing program of search monitoring and optimization you will ensure users are getting the best possible results from your site search.

Your users need to find what they need

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It is refreshing to work with a partner like nonlinear. They are professional, very responsive and I’m very satisfied. I would highly recommend their work.

Loren Kielly, IT Delivery Manager