Long before a website or digital application comes to life online, it comes to life in the heads of those tasked with designing and building it. Interaction design is the art of translating that image into something that moves and comes to life on the digital page.

From basic wireframing and graphic design to building prototypes and applying front-end development to bring designs to life, interaction design allows you to see explore and test your interface before the heavyweight coding work begins.

Bringing the concept to life

Our interaction and user experience experts are able to:

  • Create wireframe mockups of key pages to show what the structure of the site will look like
  • Apply design concepts to the wireframes to help illustrate them in more detail and to translate the strategy and brand to something tangible
  • Build functioning prototypes to demonstrate and, more importantly, test interactive elements and overall navigation flow
  • Understand the nuances inherent in a multi-device landscape

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