CXM platforms, such as the Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS), bring a number of advanced and new digital marketing tools and tactics into the hands of marketers.

However, without a clear sense of how to use the tools, the options can be overwhelming. A/B testing, scoring content against personas, implicit and explicit personalization engagement plans… it can all be tough to sort through, particularly if you don’t have a sense of where your organization sits on the digital marketing maturity model. How well are you positioned to align with your platform's vision of digital marketing?

Sorting out the tool box

Our history of business-focused thinking when it comes to CMS deployments positions us well to help organizations take advantage of the DMS and other such platforms. Our strategists can help:

  • Assess the readiness of your Sitecore build and your team structure to take advantage of your marketing platform
  • Advise on upgrades, enhancements required to be platform ready
  • Get you up and running quickly with your first campaign
  • Educate and train your team on DMS, if applicable, and digital marketing fundamentals
  • Provide ongoing optimization and campaign management services