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Sitecore XP: Nonlinear insights book

With more than 200 deployments and almost a decade of experience with Sitecore, the Nonlinear team has distilled our most requested Sitecore blog posts and whitepapers into a book: Sitecore® XP™: Nonlinear insights.

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Our Sitecore expertise by the numbers

  • 21 Years in
  • 6 Sitecore
  • 1 Sitecore Digital
    Strategy MVP
  • 6 Sitecore
  • 5 Sitecore

We've been a veteran Sitecore partner since 2008

Over 200 Sitecore deployments

From basic sites to complex enterprise engagements across a range of vertical markets.

30+ trained, experienced Sitecore developers

Ready to meet and exceed all your Sitecore needs.

Full services teams on three continents

With offices in Canada, the United States, the UK, and Brazil.

With over 1,000 partners globally, only a small fraction have been recognized as having achieved specialization status. Nonlinear is proud to be one of the agencies in the world to be awarded all six specializations offered by Sitecore.



  • Category Winner Best Education, Media & Advertising Site
  • Category Winner Best Education Site
  • Category Winner Best Tourism Site
    North America
  • Category Winner Best Education Site
    North America
  • Sitecore Site of the Year North America

Platinum Partner

Sitecore Platinum Partner - Nonlinear Digital

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Meet our Sitecore MVPs

Nonlinear Digital's team of industry experts includes 7 Sitecore MVPs—one of whom is Canada's only Sitecore Digital Strategist MVP.

  • Randy Woods Toronto
  • Amanda Shiga Toronto
  • Glen McInnis Ottawa
  • Vinicius Deschamps Sitecore MVPVinicius DeschampsFLORIANÓpolis
  • Rodrigo Peplau Florianópolis
  • Grant Bartlett - Sitecore MVPgrant bartlettOttawa

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Sitecore services

We are proud to offer an array of services that range from Sitecore implementations, upgrades, integrations, migrations, rescue missions, maintenance and support, multilingual and multisite solutions, training, and full-blown digital marketing and experience solutions – we can set you up for success and take you as far as you’d like to go.

Sitecore rescue missions

About half of Nonlinear’s Sitecore projects involve stepping in and helping a client recover from a failed or failing implementation. The Nonlinear rescue protocol allows us to quickly identify the root causes of the challenge, prioritize approaches to addressing them, and create a path for ensuring the live site embeds Sitecore best practices.

Sitecore maintenance and support

We partner with our clients long after a site has gone live – we tailor our support and upgrade packages to match the specific technical and marketing capabilities of each client. These arrangements vary from limited involvement assisting in the upgrade of a site to a new version of Sitecore to a complete outsourcing of all technical and marketing activities to the Nonlinear team.

Sitecore XP services (formerly: Sitecore DMS)

The Nonlinear suite of XP offerings is about getting clients using the Experience Platform, generating measurable results and independently creating new campaigns quickly and with outstanding results.


Many Sitecore sites have not been properly constructed to support XP aspirations. Our team will assess what needs to be done to be successful.

XP Accelerator

Leveraging real world experiences & the only Digital Strategy MVP in Canada, our services get you in-house team a roadmap of XP tactics and works to get those tactics live.

The Nonlinear
XP Bootcamp
for Marketers

Our XP Bootcamp leaders train and support your marketing teams with the ability to design, execute and measure XP campaigns – in-house or co-managed with Nonlinear.

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Sitecore enterprise integrations

Our Sitecore solutions are designed with extensibility and flexibility in mind. Whether we need to integrate into your CRM, E-commerce, billing, or other mission critical systems, we are experts in using Sitecore to tie it all together. We’ve performed some of the largest and most complex Sitecore integrations—many of which involved dozens of sub-systems.

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Where we are

We are based in Toronto and Ottawa (Canada), the UK, Brazil, and the United States

  • Toronto Canada
  • Ottawa Canada
  • Los Angeles California Nonlinear Creations OfficeLos Angeles UNITED STATES
  • London UK Nonlinear Creations OfficeLondon UK
  • São Paulo Brazil
  • Florianópolis Brazil

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Case studies & experience

Our Sitecore experience is vast. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to: Sitecore XP, Email Experience Manager (EXM), Print Experience Manager (PXM), Commerce Server, as well as hosting and managed services.

Sitecore thought leadership

Nonlinear Blog

How to manage the deployment of Sitecore 8 and 8.1 solutions

In a previous post we covered the anatomy of a Sitecore deployment*, but now that we know what a deployment is, what tools can we use to make it happen?

Nonlinear Blog

Considering a Sitecore upgrade? These things may impact your upgrade path to Sitecore 8 and 8.1

So you've decided to upgrade Sitecore because you want to take advantage of the latest and greatest software or maybe the support for your current build is expiring or has expired. Before you get started, you need to know what requires special consideration in your build that may impact your upgrade path.

Nonlinear Blog

How to improve your B2B marketing funnel using Sitecore XP (formerly Sitecore DMS) capabilities

Here's how Sitecore XP's capabilities can improve your B2B marketing funnel.

Nonlinear Blog

Quick wins for a richer Sitecore xDB

Whether or not you're using Sitecore's marketing features right away, we highly recommend these three tasks to make your data collection infinitely richer, and to leave you well-positioned for later decisions.


Planning your Sitecore xDB infrastructure

Embarking on a Sitecore xDB implementation? Learn what you what need to know about infrastructure and other technical considerations.


Making the case for upgrading to Sitecore 7.2, 7.5 & 8

There has been much publicity around Sitecore’s latest releases, version 7.5 and version 8, which come with significant advancements in marketing and customer experience management.


Best Practices for Building Your CMS Architecture- Full WP

Architecture decisions can have as much of an impact on the stability and performance of your CMS as decisions about the CMS itself. This whitepaper walks you through several key decisions that must be made when setting up your CMS infrastructure.


Going mobile: Tips for your Sitecore website responsive retrofit

Responsive or adaptive design allows organizations to maintain one code base for a website that serves both their desktop and mobile audiences. We teach you how to reach your Sitecore website users coming from mobile with our responsive best practices.