By integrating an association management system, such as Personify, with a content management and digital marketing platform like Sitecore, associations can deliver personalized digital experiences to their members. First, though, there's planning to do in order to know which system plays which role.

Association professionals know that their members are the most important aspect of their organization. But participation in associations is evolving and it is difficult to navigate the dynamically shifting landscape for membership. Association professionals want and need to know how to better connect members, and potential members, with the knowledge and services from the association and larger community that are the most valuable and relevant to them. It is a matter of survival.

A seamless online member experience requires:

  1. a system that allows marketers to effectively personalize each member’s online experience; and
  2. a system for managing membership information, renewals and records.

Best-of-breed web content management systems (WCM) are evolving into Customer Experience Platforms; these platforms excel in digital marketing but frequently lack the e-commerce and membership management functionality that associations need.

Most associations will find they need to integrate a high-end WCM with a robust association management system (AMS) that offers this association-specific functionality out of the box. Here we consider the lessons we’ve learned in integrating Personify AMS and Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (CEP), which consists of a WCM solution and a digital marketing platform. While our examples reference these two systems, any integration of WCM and AMS will require that comparable technical issues be addressed.

Structure and focus of the whitepaper

This whitepaper focuses on the integration scenario between Sitecore CEP and Personify AMS and is aimed at decision makers and their technical teams planning and implementing this integration.

The whitepaper is divided into five parts:

  1. Sitecore and Personify Together. The benefits of combining these two systems.
  2. Key Architectural Questions. You will need to decide which system will handle which tasks – a decision that needs to be driven by a combination of your business objectives and your current environment.
  3. Integration Approaches. Things to consider when approaching an integration between Sitecore and Personify.
  4. Authentication and Authorization: Approaches to managing user sessions across systems
  5. Setting up Your Team for Success: Key steps that will simplify the road to success

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