With the launch of Sitecore 7 right around the corner, we were given a sneak peek of the improvements the new release had to offer. Consider us impressed. With extreme content scalability, deeply embedded search and some serious developer goodies, we have a whole lot to look forward to.

Our four Sitecore MVPs got an early preview of Sitecore's next release. And the peek at Sitecore 7 revealed many powerful new features. Here are three reasons we are particularly excited for this release.

Extreme content scalability

Sitecore 7 has been architected with the ability to handle and search millions of content items while sustaining high performance, via an “item bucket” structure, which is great news for heavily publishing-oriented organizations. We’re especially looking forward to an improved storage and authoring experience for fast-growing repositories of page components and media items in the content tree – often a by-product of the DMS-friendly modular architecture.

Deeply embedded search

Further to the content scalability theme, Sitecore 7 leverages Lucene even more deeply to embed high performing search functionality throughout the product – not only to facilitate item bucket usability, but also within the Page Editor, the rules engine and within the datasource assignment wizard. One important result? An even more robust content author and marketer experience that scales up nicely to manage higher content volumes.

Developer goodies

Sitecore 7 has been nicknamed a “developer’s release”, and for good reason. It’s full of enhancements that developers will love, including a completely rebuilt API that performs to meet the content scalability introduced in this release. The kernel now runs on .NET 4.5; datasources are GUID-based and no longer path-based, greatly facilitating content tree fluidity and data source assignment. One of the most powerful goodies is the inclusion of a LINQ-to-Sitecore provider and ORM to enable developers to query Sitecore via LINQ syntax and Intellisense. 

With all six of the Sitecore Specializations and four MVPs on staff, Nonlinear can help you get ready for Sitecore 7. Get in touch with us today! This post is part of a series of posts through April 2013 looking at the upcoming release of Sitecore 7. 

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