CMS and Technology | User Experience and Design | Digital Industry and Trends

The Sitecore content author's guide to responsive images in Sitecore 8 and 8.1

Glen McInnis | March 23, 2016

help with creating responsive images for content authors.

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Digital Industry and Trends

6 steps to retrofit your current website for responsive design

Philip Shore | March 30, 2015

retrofitting your website with responsive design.

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User Experience and Design

What I learned at UXcamp Ottawa 2014

Robyn Bragg | November 12, 2014

tips on user experience from 2014 UXcamp Ottawa.

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CMS and Technology

A Sitecore 8 sneak peak 

Glen McInnis | October 02, 2014

checking out the new look of Sitecore.

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Digital Industry and Trends

nonlinear digest: Higher education and technology

Brit Mockler | April 25, 2014

nonlinear thoughts on higher ed and technology.

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Digital Strategy and Marketing | User Experience and Design

6 ways to improve your higher education mobile presence

Antoine Rulliere | April 18, 2014

6 tips for optimizing your higher ed mobile presence.

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Digital Strategy and Marketing

Massive Open Online courses (MOOCs) and the mobile experience

Nick Allen | April 17, 2014

an analysis of mobile strategy of MOOCs.

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Digital Industry and Trends

Higher education and tech: Making the move to mobile

Randy Woods | April 08, 2014

supporting a mobile presence for college and university websites.

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